Conversions (Dimensional Analysis)
(Dimensional Analysis)

Websites to help with conversions (dimensional analysis):

Conversion Charts:

Metric/English/US Measures Unit Conversion Table (from Math You Need)

Math Conversion Charts (5 pages: Lengths, Volumes, Areas, Weight, Liquid Volume; from

Unit Conversion Tables (from Shodor.  Online, but not a calculator: provides unit rates via drop-down menus)

Tutorials / How-to pages / Examples:

How do I change units on a number? (tutorial, from Math You Need)

Math Skills Review: Dimensional Analysis (from Texas A & M University)

Chemical Conversions (from Germanna Community College)

Dimensional Analysis (from 

Fun with Dimensional Analysis (from

Dimensional Analysis (powerpoint/pdf, from Black Hills State University)

Online Conversion Calculator

unit Converter

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